Our company history

Until 1951, the farmstead was located across the street. A fire then damaged all the buildings, so that a new farmstead was built in 1952.

At that time the farm had an agricultural area of about 40ha and a livestock of about 10 cows with offspring and oxen, as well as 10 breeding sows, which were kept in a closed system.

The farm was managed in this way until 1972, with only small increases, and only then did it begin to grow in area and livestock. 

Today, our farm cultivates around 800 hectares of arable land and has over 1900 pig and 330 bull fattening places. For 30 years, the use and expansion of renewable energies in the form of wind power and photovoltaics has played a central role for us.


Learn about the history of Hof Sandering, which began in 1952.


The beginning
Construction of the first farmstead

Construction of the farmstead with residential house, barn, cattle and pigsty by Erika and Fritz Sandering

Bull fattening
Construction of a bull fattening house with 200 places
Extension bull fattening
New construction and reconstruction of the bull fattening area

The bull fattening is extended to now 400 places

Pig fattening
New construction of a pig fattening house

New construction of a pig fattening house with 700 places

Friederich Sandering
The agricultural master

Friedrich Sandering passes his training as a master farmer

The foundation of the family business
Friedrich Sandering founds

Foundation of the farm Friedrich Sandering Landwirtschaft

The first potato warehouse
New construction of a potato storage hall

A new warehouse for 2000 tons of potatoes is built 

The second potato warehouse
New construction of a further potato storage hall

The business is growing. We build a second and larger warehouse with space for 7000 tons of potatoes

Renewable energies
We invest in wind power

The construction of a wind turbine (Enercon E-40 / 500 KW) is the first step into a clean future.

We are expanding
Potatoes, potatoes, potatoes

We are building another hall for storage and sorting of potatoes with 7000 tons of storage space. 

Pig fattening
Pig fattening is also growing

A new barn with 1450 places expands our pig farm

A new foundation
Foundation of Sandering Agrarhandel KG
We found again
Foundation of Friedrich Sandering Solar e.K.
Renewable Energies Part 2
We invest in solar energy

New construction of our first photovoltaic plant with 130 KWp

Renewable Energies Part 3
Solar energy expansion

Extension of the photovoltaic plant to 260 KWp

A new foundation
Foundation of Sandering Wind GbR
Renewable Energies Part 4
Update for the wind turbine (repowering)

Renewal of the wind turbine (Enercon E-82 / 2 MW)

We continue to grow - the potatoes need more space
A large extension for potato cultivation

New construction of a potato storage hall of 4000 t. and sorting equipment as well as potato washing and staff rooms

Renewable Energies Part 5
Update for the photovoltaic system

We are expanding the photovoltaic system to around 600 KWp

Another foundation
Foundation of the farm Dirk Sandering Agriculture
Dirk Sandering
The agricultural master

Dirk Sandering passes his training to become a master farmer

We renovate
The pigsty is being renovated

Reconstruction/renovation of the pigsty

We become bigger
Construction of a 3000m³ liquid manure storage tank


Renewable Energies Part 6
Expansion of the photovoltaic system to around 700 KWp
Two anniversaries
25 years with Sandering

Honouring of employees Uwe Möller and Marco Süllow on the occasion of their 25th anniversary

Animal welfare in the foreground
Pig fattening is being rebuilt

Conversion of the pig fattening unit to animal welfare standards

Energy production writ large
Foundation of Sandering Energie GmbH & Co.KG

In terms of energy, the farm is also moving towards healthy energy production

New construction at the farm
New construction of a biogas plant and a pig fattening house

Start of new construction of a biogas plant with electricity and heat storage concept and new construction of a pig fattening house on straw for 2400 animals.

10 years!
Carsten Tiedemann has been with the company for 10 years

Carsten Tiedemann started at our company on 01.03.2013. His tasks include arable farming and the company workshop.

As a thank you, plant manager Dirk Sandering presented them with a small gift.

The largest construction project
In the middle of the year, the largest construction project of Hof Sandering was completed

After a little over two years, our construction project for sustainable stables was completed. You can find more here