About us

Today, our farm manages around 800ha of arable land and has over 1900 pig and 330 bull fattening places. The use and expansion of renewable energies in the form of wind power and photovoltaics has played a central role for us for 30 years.

Our history

Learn more about our company history with all its milestones dating back to 1952.

Our vision

Our vision is to produce agricultural raw materials in the form of crops as well as meat in a sustainable, environmentally conscious and economical manner. The focus is always on quality assurance.

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Bee-friendly again this year!

Bee-friendly again this year! This year we are once again taking part in the bee-friendly farmer 2022 project of the "Echt grün - Eure Landwirte" initiative. In cooperation with the Landvolk Niedersachen and the ...

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