Environment & Sustainability

Under the motto "bee-friendly farmer" we have also started to do something for our biodiversity, the planting of marginal strips or even whole areas showed a very positive landscape picture.

Since the family Sandering pursues also the hobby of the hunt, it is to be seen also two kinds seen very beautifully with to regard, because Hege and care is the one, the protection and food for our native small game is not to be disregarded however likewise and with such measures is promoted and supported.


Renewable energies

Renewable energy began to play a role for the company in 1993. In the form of a company-owned wind turbine, the company wanted to take the step towards healthy power generation. This path was then continued in the coming years in wind and solar power. 

In 2023, the farm entered the biogas production, here it is our goal to recycle the resulting manure and manure valuable and convert in the farm's own biogas plant to electricity and heat. 

Furthermore, a battery storage and a heat storage was installed, here the company can store its generated energy and heat and use it efficiently in the operation.

The region is blooming

Creating flowering and shelter strips plays an important role for us because it promotes insect diversity and both protects and feeds native small game. 

Plant protection & fertilization

With the latest technology, we are also able to operate sustainably in the area of plant protection and fertilization. We have made it our mission to use as few pesticides and plant protection products as possible. 

Mechanical weed control has also found its way into our company. In some cases, we are no longer allowed to treat waterway margins or certain legally regulated areas with pesticides, and mechanical equipment is then used here.