A face for every name

Our family business currently employs just over 10 people who work in the business all year round. Dirk Sandering has been managing the company very successfully for many years, but always keeps the family aspect in focus.   

Each season, an additional five to six seasonal workers are employed.

Get to know us and contact us, we will be happy to help you!

Dirk Sandering

Operations Manager

Phone: +49 5446 997070
Mail: d.sandering@sandering.com

Anne Sandering

Personnel | Marketing | Social Media

Phone:+49 5446 997070
Mail: a.sandering@sandering.com

Nadine Paulussen

Accounting | Administration

Phone:+49 5446 997072
Mail: n.paulussen@sandering.com

Andreas Hartmann

Arable farming | Planning | Documentation

Phone:+49 5446 2069805
Mail: a.hartmann@sandering.com

Marco Süllow

Storage | Loading | Disposition

Phone:+49 5446 2069805
Mail: m.suellow@sandering.com

Jannis Runge

Pig fattening | Biogas | Documentation

Phone:+49 5446 2069805
Mail: j.runge@sandering.com

Carsten Tiedemann

Arable farming | Farm workshop

Matthias Finkenstädt

Arable farming

Uwe Möller

Arable farming | Farm workshop

Maik von der Assen

Arable farming | Social media

Jan Hendrik Maurer

Arable farming

Alexandru Begian

Cultivation | Maintenance of green areas

Nils Horstmöller

Arable farming | Yard work

Andrzej Szewczyk

Animal husbandry | Maintenance of green spaces

Nicole Tiedemann

Housekeeping | Supply

Lennard Milan


Pawel Szpara

seasonal labour

Pawel Gorczyca

seasonal labour

Bernard Kohl



Farm dog