From the Sandering farm to the shops of the butcher Bernd Gieseke

Products from the "herb pig" in future in the specialist shop on Dickeler Straße in Rehden

Wagenfeld/Rehden. The Wagenfeld farmer Wilhelm Fenker reacted quickly: Because after the announcement of the closure of the butcher shop of Volker Scheland on the main street in Wagenfeld at the end of last month, the requests piled up, where then in the future the quality meat from the "herb pig" is available, he pressed in the talks with the Rehden master butcher Bernd Gieseke, which had been going on for some time, strongly on the tube. The 53-year-old Gieseke and his 20-strong staff run shops in Rehden (on Dickeler Straße) and Diepholz (on Maschstraße).

In immediately scheduled talks, the Rehden specialist shop operator has agreed to immediately intensify the sale of meat and meat products in his shops and to extend his well-known good party service to the Wagenfeld area. The company logo of the Gieseke butchery will then feature two bristly animals: The already familiar fattening pig is on the left in the new name, the stylized "herb pig" on the right. In between, the "f" for butcher's specialist shop can be found again.

The young farmer Dirk Sandering from Hemsloh is also in the marketing boat for the "herb pig" meat. He obtains the piglets from the stables of the partner farms of the company Fenker & Hellebusch in Wagenfeld, takes over the further feeding in his own stables and delivers the bristly animals ready for slaughter to the company Gieseke in Rehden, where the roast pieces and sausage specialities soon whet the appetite for more in the displays.

The 66-year-old Fenker regrets that the good business relationship of almost 20 years with Wagenfeld's master butcher Volker Rempe has come to an end. The Scheland butcher's shop was one of the best customers in the region, emphasises Fenker. His quality meat had not only found many customers there. Against the background of the constantly increasing regulations and rules of authorities, he can understand Rempe's step, says Fenker and wishes the 54-year-old all the best and much success in his future career. He is also particularly pleased that all female employees have found new jobs without any transition.

The Wagenfeld "herb pig" producer has been working with Dirk Sandering's pig fattening business in Hemsloh for a long time, and the cooperation with the Bernd Gieseke butcher's shop is not new. "A traditional company with 30 years of experience," says Fenker, explaining the good contacts, "where great value is placed on quality in all areas of the extensive product range," he has noticed over time. The Gieseke butchery obtains its quality meat exclusively from the region. The company owner and his team particularly recommend the "herb pigs" bred by Fenker & Hellebusch from the Sandering farm in Hemsloh and cattle from grazing animal husbandry from the Bernd Kohl farm in Wagenfeld.


Final talks in the sales room of Bernd Gieseke's butcher's shop (l.) on Dickeler Straße in Rehden: Wilhelm Fenker (from right), Dirk Sandering and his family, and the Rehden master butcher will work closely together in the future on the "herb pig" marketing. Photo: Scheland

Fenker has also observed with great interest the constantly expanded lunch offer and the ever more extensive party service of the Gieseke butchery. Likewise, the festive to rustic catering offer for birthdays, engagements, weddings or other family celebrations as well as the preparation of delicacies on the swivel grill or suckling pigs in the grill cart. "We fit together famously," Fenker and Gieseke agree and look forward to working together.

The third member of the group is 28-year-old Dirk Sandering. Pigs have been fattened on the traditional farm in Hemsloh for four decades. "Especially in the recent past, quality, regionality and animal welfare have been of particular concern to us. The entry into partial regional marketing of the animals fattened on the farm itself has now been running for a good year, he said. "At the beginning of 2019, the successful cooperation with the Gieseke butchery in Rehden started," Sandering points out, "and the greatest possible renunciation of medication has always been a priority for us." Only due to the long-standing use of herbs in the feed, the high quality of the meat is achieved.

Looking to the future, Sandering says that regional marketing is to be increased on his farm sooner or later. And it remains a matter of course for Sandering to feed according to requirements on a grain basis without undesirable ingredients. "To maintain the previous meat quality: tasty, tender, marbled and appetizing in structure and color."              

Gerhard Scheland